Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kent And Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup

Today, David Gandy attended the Kent and Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup at Watership Down, Sydmonton Court Estate in Newbury, England.

David Gandy with Ella Toal-Ganger (L) & with Aaron Kwok (R)

David Gandy with David Au (R)
David Gandy with  Princess Tamara Czartoryski

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

David Gandy & Bianca Balti talks with Harper's Bazaar Russia (July 2014)

Thanks a lot to Pat Elmira from Makhachkala (Russia) for your kindness in getting this translation which gave us the opportunity to collaborate together one more time to bring to you a new interview. You are always so helpful to us and we greatly appreciate it!
And in addition, we want to send our kindest regards to all the members of  David Gandy Russian Fan Club!.


Two in a boat

The design duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have an amazing ability to unite beautiful people under their wing. The long-term cooperation with Monica Bellucci is the eloquent proof. No less brightly this pattern can be seen in Light Blue campaign – this pattern can be seen just as brightly in the Light Blue campaign – a pair of Italian Bianca Balti and Englishman, the beauty has become almost perfect. This year, the models have become the faces of new versions of fragrance –.

Escape to Panarea for women and Discover Vulcano for men. And this was the reason for our meeting in Milan (Bianca’s home city) on the eve of the autumn display. 

Harper's Bazaar: I cannot help but ask: What helped you to cope with the task on the set? I mean, you are not actors but according the scenario you played a couple passionately in love on the boat swaying on the waves? 
David Gandy: We’ve never met before the shooting. I think I didn’t hear anything about Bianca before.
Bianca Balti: Seriously? And I've heard about you! Do you know what really helped us? The sense of humor. I think it always helps. You know, I lost balance and fell of that boat several times. We pulled together quickly and this is all due to David. He is a great professional and a real gentleman.

Bianca, and how would you describe the ideal man?
B.B.: He should be caring - I want to be sure that I can always and in everything rely on him. I always feel beautiful next to him.

HB.: David, what attracts you in women especially?
D.G.: Sense of humor is the one important point. And it’s always great when an incredibly attractive girl does not take herself and her appearance too seriously. 

HB.: If we compare the classic Light Blue and novelties Escape to Panarea and Discover Vulcano which would you prefer?
D.G.: I like it when girls wear fresh fragrance, so that the classic version is ideal. I myself often use The One.
B.B.: Escape to Panarea replaced the good old Light Blue on my table. Its sweet woody-musk new fragrance reflects my character. I'm Italian to the bone. Even my English has a characteristic accent.
D.G.: Good strong Italian woman.
B.B.: Yes, that’s the compliment that I would like to hear – a strong woman.

HB.: David and what is the best compliment for you?
D.G.: I am pleased to hear when they say I’m modest. 

HB.: What do you do to keep in shape?
B.B.: I do not stick to diets and do not deny myself any pizza or pasta. I was lucky with genes.
D.G.: I do exercises every day. The best place for it in London is Bodyism. I also like running along the Thames and I’m trying to eat healthy food. I would rather prefer fish to meat.

HB: Can you share a couple of secret addresses of your favorite beauty salons?
B.B.: You can get an awesome facial in Istituto San Celso in Milan, and the best masseur is Walter Zank
D.G.: I always get my hair done at Daniel Hersheson in London. Larry King never fails.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Selected 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection

With his beloved London as the backdrop, David Gandy  once again fronts the new Selected early Autumn/Winter campaign, this time  alongside with mofel Chloe Bello. With this campaign we see very rich solid colors with two standouts, hunter green and midnight blue. We also see the line range from dress suits, to light weight and leather jackets, sweaters to T-shirts and jeans. 


Photophapher: Tomo Brejc 
 Director of Photography: Franklin Guerrero


Friday, July 11, 2014

David Gandy attended RBS ESSA Awards 2014

Yesterday, David Gandy attended RBS ESSA Gala Awards in the University of Exeter Enactus Society (The Louise Blouin Foundation) in West London. More than 300 students from more than 30 universities attended the awards, which were hosted by former Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt and presented by the world’s leading male supermodel David Gandy, Britain’s first medalist at the Winter Olympics in snow sports Jenny Jones and Top Gear’s original Stig, Perry McCarthy.

The RBS ESSA (Enterprising Student Society Accreditation) is designed to recognise and reward the enterprising work being done by students who are members of societies and illustrate how everyday society activities such as marketing, driving new membership, managing accounts, hosting events and raising funds are demonstrations of entrepreneurship.

RBS ESSA judges David Gandy, Jenny Jones and Perry McCarthy (The Stig)

The Official PhysSoc Nottingham (@PhysSocNotts )
Imperial College's El Salvador Project building low-cost, sustainable and earthquake-resistant housing (@IC_ESP)
University of Bristol Boat Club received the RBS ESSA Award for being the most innovatice society in 2014

Source: & RBS ESSA's Official Facebook

Monday, June 30, 2014

David James's 3rd Anniversary

This 30th of June, DjG celebrates its 3rd anniversary online. This year we are premiering a new and revamped website that replaces the previous one (existing since 2012) with a more modern style, and a look and feel that is more clean and bright.

The most substantial change in this third version is, without a doubt, the expansion of the team that works daily to maintain DJG online. And to them, these three amazing women who at different times were incorporated as permanent staff, I personally want to dedicate this post. My greatest gratitude towards them: Melissa Feijoo-Viro (July 2012), Ellen Widom (March 2014) & Lisa Rosenberger (May 2014). Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and great sense of humor that never disappears. It was unthinkable for me to imagine, even in 2010, that one day we would be four friends from different parts of the world that  would have fun with the day to day management that this site needs.

And with this, and from the whole team, thanks again to all those with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating with this year. It has been pleasure and an honor to have worked with you once again and, as you know, our doors are always open to collaborating again.

In closing, thank you all for joining us for another year and contributing, like us, in the endeavor to make the name David James Gandy resonate in all parts of the world.

Thank You!