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David Gandy: "My M&S Collaboration"

"Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore, and you sleep alone!"
Anthony Burgess.

 By David Gandy

There was even less sleep than usual over the last few weeks and that wasn't just during the eight days of travel to four different countries for the worldwide launch of my underwear collection with Marks & Spencer - David Gandy for Autograph. To be honest, the long haul flight for the Hong Kong leg was a blessing and the most sleep I've had in quite a while! Maybe it was because of the slight feeling of relief that the London and Dublin signings had gone well - or was it because of the delicious Gavi di Gavi that BA kept topping up my glass with? Either way, everything soon got back to normal on the return flight to Paris, as everyone was tucked up fast asleep whilst I sat with my little light on catching up on the latest series of Mad Men, whilst replying to the mountains of emails that had come through during our travels.

My broken sleep started two weeks prior to the launch. Launching the collection is the beginning of many firsts for me. It's the first time that I've collaborated with a brand on a clothing line, my first foray into the designing world and the first time that I have put my name to a collection. It's one of the largest projects that I've taken on in my career and although I've been hugely excited and honoured, a project of this size naturally brings with it a little apprehension.

There was some scepticism about exactly how much input I'd had into the collection which is understandable as there are a lot of celebrity collaborations these days and each person has a different level of involvement. But those people who know me well will know I wouldn't ever put my name to something that I wasn't fully involved in, in every single part of the process. I've probably driven the designers and the brand crazy with wanting to be so involved, but thankfully they have been so wonderful to work with and very open to a full collaboration, so it's been a great relationship that we've all enjoyed. 

The design ideas behind the underwear developed from a vintage pair of hipsters that I had many years ago and loved. Even though I stopped wearing them, I kept them safe knowing that if ever the day came when I designed my own underwear line, elements of these would be at the heart of the initial inspirations - classic but sexy, comfortable with discreet branding, and made from soft premium materials. And there it began. I wanted the underwear to appeal to all ages and to all demographics, so the collection would include everything from traditional briefs and woven cotton boxer shorts, to the most popular trunks and my personal favourites - the hipsters. The fit and comfort was one of the most important factors to me… I wanted them to feel like a second skin, almost like you aren't aware that you're wearing any. Even up to a couple of weeks before the launch I was still making improvements with the team and had friends, family and virtually every man at M&S testing them until we were satisfied that they were just as we'd planned.

This was only a small part of the process. I wanted the traditional houndstooth pattern to be a subtle but distinctive element of the collection, from the linings of the pockets and flies, to the waistbands of the underwear and even down to the packaging and campaign imagery. From there we worked on the neck lines of the T shirts and cut of the lounge pants and cuffed jogging bottoms. There was even one whole morning dedicated to the colour and width of the drawstring on the lounge and sleepwear. Come to think of it, I'm surprised the design team are still talking to me.

What everyone has commented on is the coverage that the campaign received, driven by the months of scrupulous planning by the PR and marketing team. I can safely say that I wasn't the only person with sleepless nights! Four fully covered buses, 300 bus advertisements, 700 bus stop advertisements, international magazine covers, various features, product placement, television and radio appearances, and plenty of online activity too. We have had a huge amount of support, all of which I'm very grateful for.

The biggest and most welcome surprise though was the hundreds of people that so kindly came and supported me on the launch days in London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Paris. It was quite overwhelming that so many people were there and that so many had travelled vast distances to come and meet me. I would love to say thank you to everyone that has supported me during this whole process. From the people wishing me luck before the launch, to the many people who have ordered and bought some of the collection and kindly told me how much they love the items and to everyone who came and supported me on the launch days - it was so lovely to put so many faces to names that I have only known through social media. And big thanks to the team who have facilitated and worked hard to create the collection and whose input has brought the project to life.

To see the dressing gown and cuffed lounge pants sold out on the first day was a really proud moment. I always had faith in the range and I knew that we were using some of the most premium cottons available, that the fit was good, and that the campaign shot by Marianno Vivanco was some of the best work we've done together, but it wasn't until I saw the empty racks of the range on that first day at Marble Arch Marks & Spencer that I could truly believe that the day we'd all worked so hard towards was actually happening.

So, what now? Well, believe it or not I'm already working with the designers of M&S to create the spring and summer editions which I'm really enjoying. Let's hope that the designers will say the same! After that, I'm taking a holiday… my first in two years. I've incorporated a shoot into it so there will be some work involved, but I'm very much looking forward to it all the same.

By British Vogue

And future projects? Well there are various activities in the pipeline which is exciting. But I had a thought the other day - wouldn't it be nice to break a world record?

Something to do with speed would be fun, but that's as far as I've got. All suggestions welcome.

Thanks again for your ongoing support, it's much appreciated.

Source: Vogue Today

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David Gandy covers FHM Collections China 2014 F/W Issue

David Gandy appears on the cover story of the latest edition of FHM Collections China. The international photographer Jumbo Tsui suits up with stylist Justine Josephs to catch the intensity and poise showed by the international male model in the photo shoot wearing  a selection from the latest Burberry Prorsum Men Collection to go along with the cover story 'The Timeless Man.'

Jumbo Tsui (Photographer)
Justine Josephs (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Oliver De Almeida (Hair Stylist)
Akgun Manisali (Makeup Artist)
Aaro Murphy (Set Designer)

Source: Models.com

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David Gandy for M&S F/W 2014 Campaign (Pictures Update)

Beyond the staples in a mans wardrobe of navy, grey and crisp white tailored shirts, arrive the signs of Fall/Winter. Garnet, mustard, and layers of fine wool and cashmere invite the earth to a settling in for a winters' nap. Wrapping up in the fine tailoring of Marks & Spencer, David Gandy brings this collection together here with classic suits and warm hues.



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Q & A on Twitter with David Gandy (Gandy For Autograph)

Q&A on Twitter: Model David Gandy answered fan questions on a live Twitter Q&A with Marks & Spencer on Septemeber 18th as a part of the launch of his debut underwear range for Marks & Spencer in London: Gandy For Autograph


1- Stef : Do you prefer vintage cars or modern cars?
David Gandy: I've just restored my first vintage car and plan to do more, if that answers your question. 

2- Rosane Maximiano:  What is your fave place to go to vacations?
David Gandy: I love travelling... Next on my list of places to go has to be somewhere in Africa!

3- ✨MBMs Bambi✨: What's the one thing you can't possibly live without? XxxX
David Gandy: If I can be cheeky I'd have to say oxygen! 

4- Great White Shirt: If you weren't a model, what would you be?
David Gandy: I have no idea, I prefer to focus on what I'm doing now and do it great!

5- Tal: What is your favorite thing about modeling?
David Gandy: The diversity of it all... Every day is completely different!  

6- Appletofu: What was your fave subject in school?
David Gandy: My favourite subject in school was geography. 

7- Franca Poli: What stage of the design was more difficult?
David Gandy: Finding the right fit for different body shapes.

8- MEG4NJ4YNE♥: I'm a dog lover too, whats your favourite breed of dog ?xx
David Gandy: Since working with @BDCH I couldn't pick just one..! What's your favourite breed?

9- N_nicoleta: Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model?
David Gandy: My role models are the men of my family.

10- Artemis: Do you have a life motto? Thank you!
David Gandy: I don't believe in luck just a well prepared person who is waiting for an opportunity.

11- David Gandy Info: What is the item you love the most in your closet?
David Gandy: It's a vintage Omega Watch that I bought when I first got a big pay cheque. A great way to remember!

12- Isabella Bradley: The oddest thing that's happened to you?
David Gandy: The launch of my own underwear range is pretty surreal.

13- Isabella Bradley: Do you have any nicknames?
David Gandy: I get DG a lot.

14- Julia: Where were you born and raised? what is your heght?
David Gandy: I was born and raised in Essex and I'm 6ft 3.

15- N_nicoleta: What's your favourite designer ?
David Gandy: I'd say D&G.

16- Lisa Bolton: What do you enjoy doing in your down time?
David Gandy: It's my pleasure. I like driving and racing cars.

17- Great White Shirt: What's your no.1 grooming tip?
David Gandy: Find a good hairdresser!

18- David Gandy Russia: What helps you to make a difficult decision?
David Gandy: Time to think about it. Never rush into anything

19- From David Gandy to William Oliver: I plan to take some time off and potentially go skiing, I've not been in a while... How about you?

20- Jeanette: what's your favorite music to relax/jam to?
David Gandy: Old school classics like Tony Bennett.

21- John Williamson: Favourite car of choice at the moment...
David Gandy: I can't wait for the new Mercedes AMG GT.

22- David Gandy Russia: You said that you keep your plane tickets and one day you might plaster your bathroom with them. Have you done it already?
David Gandy: I haven't travelled enough yet... One day I'll get around to it!

23- Gina Colangelo: What's next on the design line with M&S?
David Gandy: The cashmere range is coming soon. After that there'll be a Spring/Summer 2015 range.

24- Lucy Hilton: when are you doing your next meet and greet
David Gandy: My next meet and greet is tomorrow in Dublin at M&S Grafton Street.

25- Taylor: How much has your marketing degree shaped how you go about your career?
David Gandy: To be honest I've learnt more through being in the industry.

26- Jayna Kawa: Who is your style icon?
David Gandy: Old Hollywood stars are my style icons. Carey Grant and Paul Newman

27- Adam Reilly: What did you think of Ben Kingsley's portrayal of you in the film about your life?
David Gandy: I think he prefers to be known as Sir Ben Kingsley

28- Julia: Would u like to create the womens underwear as famous couturiers did? Whos ur favourite couturier?
David Gandy: I'll leave the lingerie to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, she's doing a great job! 

29- Tasleem: David Gandy is recognised name and brand around the world, when will you consider writing your biography?
David Gandy: A autobiography... Maybe in the future, but at the moment I'm busy doing this... Watch this space!

30- Tasleem: Any future plans to do any presenting on TV or film acting?
David Gandy: I'm often asked about future projects. Underwear is keeping me extremely busy for now!

31- Lisa S: Will you be doing a 2015 calendar? I need it to help me through at work :)
David Gandy: They rib me, you know what mates are like...

32- Ishanie M: Is there anywhere in the world you have yet to, and would love to, visit?
David Gandy: I haven't been to New Zealand yet. I'd love to go

33- Tahira Iqbal: What should women know about the range?as sometimes they are making the purchase for their other half!
David Gandy: Women should know they can also wear the range. Women in men's underwear is extremely sexy!

34- Amby: What's your Biggest Inspiration xx
David Gandy: My family are my inspiration. And my grandfather, who was a true gentleman.

35- Sonia_rio: You do a great job with you charity work, do you intend to get involved with other charities in the future?
David Gandy: I do have a few charity projects in the pipeline. I'm discussing future collaborations yes.

36- Allyson Clayton: David, the people you love aside, what is the thing (or place) that moves you most in this world?
David Gandy: The thing that moves me the most is my work with Battersea Dogs Home! 

37- Jess: And... What are your 3 most important rules for a healthy lifestyle, and what's your guilty treat?
David Gandy: Stay away from saturated fat, eat organic and exercise!

38- Kima Segun-Ojo:  Boxers or briefs?
David Gandy: I'd have to say neither Kima, I prefer a hipster!

39- From David Gandy to Marisa González: My favourite piece is the houndstooth pyjama bottom

40- From David Gandy to i.am.cann: It was about 8 monthes and yes I helped design the packaging too...

41- From David Gandy to DreamySim1: Someone who is good fun, has a sense of humour and is different from the norm!

42- *Nadia*: What was your favorite part of the process and why?
David Gandy: Thanks for the question, for me it's learning the process of creating an underwear range right through to seeing it in store!

43-Jess: What's the most important part of a good outfit, and what do you change into after a long day?
David Gandy: A pair of men's shoes can make or break an oufit. I change into a pair of jogging trousers at the end of the day

44- From David Gandy to William Oliver: We're already working the next collection for spring...

Source:  M&S Twitter

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London Evening Standard's Home Tour with David Gandy

Inside David Gandy's Bachelor Pad

David Gandy has a guilty secret: rather than picking out suits or pumping iron, he prefers to spend his time off bargain-hunting for claw-foot baths or watching his Farrow & Ball paint dry. Laura Craick gets a guided tour of his new Fulham townhouse, four-poster bed and all.
By Laura Craick

A man in a very tight white T-shirt is speaking in tongues: ‘So we were going to get all the panelling made up, and I saw the guy’s work and the quality of the plaster, and I said, “I don’t know why we’re putting something else on top.” This is literally just dado rail, and that’s how we did it, all the way up. It looks good now, but to actually get all these squares, and to get all the plug sockets in and at the right angle... it takes a while.’

Plug sockets? Dado rails? The man looks like David Gandy but sounds as though someone has whisked him off in the night and replaced him with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Don’t let the modelling career fool you: Gandy’s first love is DIY. Perhaps this is an inevitable consequence of being 2013’s Second Highest-Paid Male Model in the World, according to Forbes; when you’ve appeared in a video with J-Lo and designed your own underwear range for M&S, true solace lies in B&Q.

There must be millions of women gagging to get a glimpse of Gandy's interior, and he is happy to show it to me, in exquisite detail, even if the one for which he is most famous remains firmly in his pants. And that’s fine. Call me weird, but I don’t fancy him. I know! What’s wrong with me? I’m sure he’s devastated. Happily, my obliviousness to his Popeye arms and ‘Blue Steel’ gaze allows me to focus fully on the job in hand, which is admiring the home he lovingly fashioned from a clapped-out shell in Fulham.

‘It was such a wreck — in a horrendous condition,’ says Gandy. ‘People walking out from the viewing said to me, “Don’t even bother going in.” That sort of got my juices flowing.’ Stop flirting with me, David; I’m not interested. ‘It was a bigger project than I wanted to take on but I had a good feeling about it.’

If Gandy’s taste is surprising, it’s only because you might expect a well-travelled man who’s worked closely with Dolce & Gabbana for so many years to be a little more… flamboyant. No. In fact, Casa Gandy is one part boutique hotel to two parts Surrey housewife, with only a soupçon of eccentricity. For example, few people have stumbled upon the idea of using an artist’s easel as a television stand. ‘I hate TVs on walls. You either make a room around it so it’s a feature, or you try to hide it with something like this,’ he says.

Everything in Gandy’s three-storey Victorian home (with dug-out basement) is a symphony of off-white, brown and greige, from the Farrow & Ball-painted walls (Elephant’s Breath is a favourite shade) to the oatmeal throws and curtains. Gandy loves a claw-foot bath, an antique trunk, a railway tile and a polished concrete surface (though his are resin). That these stylistic tics will go on to define the 2010s just as Moroccan lanterns and fairylights defined the 1990s does not diminish them. My house is full of them. Isn’t everyone’s?

As befits an ambassador for British menswear (he was appointed by the British Fashion Council to help promote London Collections: Men, the male counterpart to London Fashion Week), Gandy bought British wherever possible. The flooring, stair carpet and upholstery were all sourced from companies in either Chelsea or Essex (Gandy grew up in Billericay), while the builders were local, too. Most of the fabrics were sourced from Holland & Sherry, the Savile Row cloth merchants established in 1836. ‘Lots of the materials are Savile Row — houndstooth, Prince of Wales checks...’ he reels off. Thank God Gandy doesn’t have any children yet — the dry-cleaning bills would be horrendous.

Does he have anything from Ikea? ‘I can’t say I do. Actually, those picture frames are from Ikea, I tell a lie.’ What about eBay? ‘One of the baths is from eBay. A lot of it is from Gumtree — some of the chairs downstairs are, though we got them reupholstered. And I’ve taken stuff off skips. With permission,’ he adds hastily.

We come to the master bedroom, with its extremely large bed and slightly disconcerting teddy bear. What mood was he trying to create? ‘If an accomplished interior designer came in here, they would probably criticise me for mixing Georgian with Victorian,’ he says, somewhat defensively. ‘I don’t particularly care — I wanted what I liked. At the end of the day, it’s my house, it’s my home.’
Picture courtesy of Denise Woodcock (London)

What does he think is the biggest mistake people make with their homes? ‘Lighting,’ he responds quickly. ‘Usually too much. They have their overhead lights on, and it’s so white and cold, so clinical. Virtually every light in this house is dimmable. In here at night, all the lamps are carefully placed around so it’s a really nice mood, almost like candlelight.’

At this point, it is perhaps apposite to mention The Drawer. Obviously, Gandy has a walk-in wardrobe — more of a small room, really — and there, chalked on one of the many drawers that have been custom-built to keep his prodigious collection of clothing in order, is the name ‘Mollie’. Someone has written ‘Mollie’ on one of your drawers, I remark.

‘That may be there for a while, so, uh…’ Wow. A lady with her own drawer in the house, I say. Someone book the church. ‘There you go,’ he says. ‘Even though she steals all my clothes.’ I figure Mollie is probably famous, because celebrities never go out with normals. Later, I Google and find out that she is Mollie King, the blonde one from The Saturdays. Dedicated drawer or not, it can’t be easy maintaining your love life when you travel as much as Gandy, who is on a plane ‘every week or two weeks’. He misses London with the simple delight of a child. ‘When you’re watching the news, and they do a newscast from Parliament, and you see Big Ben, and a red bus, or a black taxi… it just makes me feel homesick.’

Gandy recently shot a video with Jennifer Lopez. Did she hit on him? ‘No. She didn’t.’ Wasn’t she between boyfriends? ‘I don’t know. I didn’t ask about her private life.’ Does he ever wish he could switch off his face and look more like Ricky Gervais? ‘I think Ricky Gervais would get more attention than me, so I’m not sure about that. I know everyone round here, and they all know me. I love that. That’s why I don’t ever really want to live in Notting Hill or on the King’s Road. If you don’t have a pair of Ray-Bans on [in those places] then you’re not accepted.’

We are now downstairs in the study-cum-snug, where I spy my first photograph of Gandy. To be fair, it’s hard to miss, taking up as it does the best part of one wall. ‘I think it’s about the only one I have. It was a gift from the photographer at the time. My mum keeps everything; maybe 60, 70-odd covers. I know lots of people would put them on walls and stuff, but I think that’s a bit…’

Gazing at the black and white image of his chiselled body, it seems a good time to talk about how he attains it. Any quick fixes for the time-pressed man? ‘There is no quick fix,’ he says firmly. ‘It’s about changing your lifestyle. I don’t even really believe in diets.’ You ate carbs, I say, somewhat accusatorially, having witnessed him earlier eating an egg sandwich. ‘You say I ate carbs, but I know they’re not complex carbs and that it’s brown bread and that I won’t be eating much of it and that eggs are protein,’ he replies with the expertise of a person who really loves his food. He tells me about the GQ Men of the Year Awards last month, and how he ate his own dinner, followed by the supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s. ‘The only other person who ate as much as me was Sam Smith. And Kanye West’s bodyguard — he was scoffing it all down.’

Is he ever like, ‘I can’t be bothered to go to the gym today’?
‘Oh, all the time. Especially when I come home late, when I’ve been working for 12 hours and have to go down the gym at 9.30pm, and be there until 10.30pm, and then eat dinner and try to get ready for bed.’

This sounds pretty grim. What does he do to relax? Is there even any opportunity? ‘I watch a lot of documentaries. Then Mad MenThe Sopranos... House of Cards is amazing. Dangerous on Netflix, though. Netflix kills me because it has that button that says, “Your next episode will play in 14 seconds.” And I’ll literally be in bed at 2am going, “Yes, I can do another one, I suppose.” ’

David Gandy: he’s just like the rest of us. Only with better pecs. And a dado rail.

The David Gandy for Autograph men’s underwear and sleepwear collection is available now at marksandspencer.com. Photographs by Tomo Brejc, styled by Anish Patel

Source: London Evening Standard

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